face the music and dance
Visual Novel
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Art on a GB Rom for Cartridges.
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The game without end
Interactive Fiction
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RPG Shoot em up
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Empathy rom
Interactive Fiction
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Farm, forage and escape.
Role Playing
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A puzzle game of pushing letter blocks.
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Game Boy Roms that focus on personal expression over game play. See Rob Doman's #ArtCart video Robert Doman's YouTube video

Adventure stories - GameBoy ROMS

The main element is interaction and exploration of the game world. I could get confused over Adventure and RPG.

Classics, Shooters and Short Games

Classic style, fast playing, simple mechanics. Some demakes and remakes.

Simulators - GameBoy Roms

Things that try to model a system or simulate a thing.

RPG's - GameBoy Roms

Take on a character, make choices, it has a menu system - probably.

Puzzlers - GameBoy Roms

Solve puzzles to progress through the levels or progress the story.

Platformers - GameBoy Roms

Side scrolling, jumping on platforms, what more can I say?