A short puzzle game spelling words by pushing letters. You are a daydreaming pupil, tired of your spelling test. Enter the fantasy world where the letters are part of the landscape.

Controls; arrow buttons, Z, X shift, enter.

Interact with the signposts for hints and interact with the duck to reset the letters.


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:) Great idea!

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Thanks, hope you enjoyed it. Constructive feedback always welcome.


Nice game. I did find a few bugs, though.

In the "is-are" level, the "e" wasn't needed to finish the level.

In the "boy-girl" level, only "r" and "l" were needed.

Thanks for the feedback, did you reset the letters using Duck before completing the level?

For the "boy-girl" level I remember that I did because the offset letters got me. For the "is-are" level, I don't remember.

I think the bug then is that the reset doesn't reset the true values for letters already put into place. So you only have to get each letter tile into place once. I'll change it, I left it like that so players didn't have to do everything again.

Issue fixed, I added some resets to the variables. Now if the duck or balloon is interacted with, the letters are reset and you have to push all the letters into place to progress.


Awesome game! The 'boy' & 'girl' part was tough tho, had to reset a couple times! Can't wait for your next game :)

Thanks for playing Keviinx, yeah I put a couple of letters off center if the grid, to add to the complexity. Sounds like you worked it out though.


Love it, great use of the pushing mechanics!


Thanks R-Doman! Yes, not seen letters too often. I imagined being on a Scrabble board.